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Lost Number: Heroines

June 28, 2008

Remember my last post “My Anticipated Korean Visual Novels” ? I checked up on the Lost Number homepage and they have updated it with character profiles (actually only of the heroines) so i thought i should post them and translate their profiles briefly. The trial download did not go well, i couldn’t load it. But i’m in the midst of trying to run it so i’ll post it if all goes well.

Firstly, you guys should know that you will be playing as Park Jin-ha.

Now on to the heroines of Lost Number:

Han Mi-na

Our hero’s cousin as well as childhood friend. Currently in her 2nd year in high school. Their houses are located close to each other and they played a lot together when they were young. She is currently in the school’s track and field department where her performance is excellent. Because of her lively character as well as good performance in sports, she is popular with her female juniors. However, she finds this annoying. Her hobby is cooking, where her skill is unexpectedly good. She enjoys rock ‘n’ roll and metal music.

Yu So-ra

A 3rd year in Yo-han high school. She is the model student and ranks top in terms of grades in school and earns recognition and respect from others. Teacher have high expectations of her. Although being a model student, because of her good character and looks, she is also considerably popular with the student body. Her hobby is reading and she manages the school library after school and immerses in reading.

Ryu Ji-hye (Yanagi Chie)

A second year in Yo-han high school. Ji-hye was born between a Korean father and a Japanese mother. Her father worked in the Korean embassy in Japan and she has lived her live in Japan until transferring to Korea. She treasures the name “Ryu Ji-hye” that her father gave her but she is more familiar with the name “Yanagi Chie” that her mother used to call her and prefers it. Because of her family upbringing, she is lady-like and instantly became popular with the boys when she transferred over. She surprisingly has great talent in vocal singing.

Dan RienTian

A third year in Han-sol secondary (junior high) school. (i’m too lazy to translate this… but i’ll do it next time. please understand this fucking slacker, thank you)

Estelle Brightman

In charge of the choir in Yo-han high school. Currently the substitute teacher for the teacher in charge of the choir who is on leave due to personal issues. She is a substitute teacher for only 1 semester. She spent her student years in Japan where she got to know Ji-hye. Hence, she has a friend-like relationship with Ji-hye. Because of her open-minded attitude, she is popular with the students. However, she turns strict when she is teaching the choir. Her colleagues feel that if not for her occasionally rash (or idiotic? can’t find a good word to translate to) attitude, she would already be achieving great heights.

Ha Yu-mi

2nd year in Yo-han high school. She is in the same class as Jin-ha and is a very close friend of Mi-na. She has a calm attitude and because of the totally opposite attitudes of Yu-mi and Mi-na, many find it surprising that they are friends. Her hobby is music and film appreciation. Unexpectedly, her favorite music genres are metal and hard core.

Okay! So far the game looks good from the characters i’ve seen. HAREM YAY! (actually most visual novels are…) I’ll be sure to be the first to finish Mi-na, Ji-hye and Estelle’s paths!!! MUHAHAHA! Long live hawt girls!


My anticipated Korean Visual Novels

June 22, 2008

Heya guys! didn’t think that i would be posting so many times in just one day after my site just opened. From the title most of you guys would know what i’m about to post. Well since i am korean myself, i thought of posting these korean novels so that the english-speaking community would know about them as well.

First up:

Riapsed Erised ~Lost Arcadia~


Original Title: 절망희 ~Lost Arcadia~

Okay well, the almost surprising thing about this is that this visual novel is being done by a visual novel translation group, Team Basilisk, who fan translates Japanese visual novels into Korean for the Korean-speaking community. The community was formed in 2005 and they are most famous for their speed in which they worked on the translation of “To Heart2”.

This fan created visual novel is complete with music and superb artwork made by the members of Team Basilisk. Compared to all the original English visual novels that i have seen this is superior in terms of quality. They even released a promotional trailer which you can watch at their project homepage (link provided below).

Plot line wise i can’t really find out much but its basically a fantasy and romance? visual novel although i don’t know if it will be eroge or not.

Team Basilisk homepage:

Project homepage:

Lost Number

Original Title: 로스트 넘버

This is a visual novel by Team Device, a group which was famous for “Hanabi“, a korean visual novel made back in 2000. (Team Device’s site is also available in Japanese, so hooray for those who can understand it).

A trial version of this game is also available here:

The story takes place in a small town close to Seoul, where a wave of reconstruction has struck. Our main protagonist is Park Jin-ha, who has lost his only family member, his father, 3 years ago. He leads a normal boring high school life until before he became involved in that incident… (the real summary is much longer than this but i just roughly translated the first half you can read the rest at the official site)

Anyway, the artwork is dead gorgeous, i can’t wait for this game to be released. I’m in the midst of downloading the trial so look out for my next posts. ^^

Howling Dream

Original Title: 하울링 드림

I’m not sure if this has been released yet because the last time i checked quite a few months back they were saying that it was very very soon that this was going to be released well whatever. This is a visual novel by Team Asanarae whose origins I don’t have much info about.

Anyway, the plot is description is kinda hard for me to translate and it will take too long since its somewhat poetic and i am too lazy. But the artwork is gorgeous and i look forward to it since the plot is also seems interesting from what i’ve read. You can view some screen shots here.

You can visit the homepage to find out more and view some screenshots.

Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o Preview

June 22, 2008

Originial title: この青空に約束を

English title: The Promise I made over this Blue Sky

Korean title: 이 푸른 하늘에 약속을


You play as Hoshino Wataru, who lives in Tsugumi Dormitory with 6 other girls after the male dorm was closed down. The principal wishes to close down the dorm to build a resort hotel on the lot and wishes to chase Wataru out of the dorm so that the number of people in the dorm decreases. One day, a transfer student, Sawaki Rinna, enters the dorm and refuses to mingle with the rest of the dorm members and behaves disobediently.


Main heroines from left to right:

1. Akane

2. Fujimura Shizu

3. Rokujou Miyaho

4. Hayama Umi

5. Sawaki Rinna

6. Asakura Rinna

7. Kirishima Saeri

First Impressions:

I’m sure some of you guys have watched the anime and felt that it was not up to standard. But do not worry, the visual novel which the anime is based on is on a totally different level. I have not completed the game and have only managed to complete Asakura Naoko’s route.

Although i haven’t completed the game, i’m certain that this game is really enjoyable. The plot is interesting and heartwarming. Especially the individual interaction between the chracters. The music score is amazing and brings across the emotions to the players.

The game focuses more on romance than that of sex (which is why i really like this game). Hence, the storyline is deep and the characters well developed.

i’ll be sure to review this when i am done playing so watch out for my next post.

First post.

June 22, 2008

Heya guys! I opened up this blog to blog about and also to review visual novels that i have played so far so that you guys can read my reviews and know what you are getting yourself into before you start playing a certain novel. I can’t post on my blog too often since i have to complete at least one visual novel before i can even review them but please visit this blog occasionally!!!