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New upcoming Korean Anis

March 27, 2009

Korean anis are really on the rise I guess. We have 4 more new anis which are upcoming and all of them are by stuido ANIMAL. ( Their homepage is in Korean though. Anyway, all of these anis are of high quality. I’ll post trailers later (you can just watch them at their homepage though….) and also reupdate the image “Upcoming Korean Anis”.

3 of the anis are OVAs and TV serieses while the other 1 is set to debut on mobile phones.

Here are pictures of the 4 anis you can find on their homepage


I’ve opened up a forum.

October 20, 2008

Hey guys… sorry for the lack of updates… I was busy with my exams and stuff (My last exam is tommorow so wish me the best). Anyway, I’ve opened up a forum so people can gather and talk about Korean visual culture. There’s also a download section where you can download Korean animations, manhwa, dramas and also visual novels. This the first time i’m doing this kind of thing so I dunno how it will turn out but guys please join and make it a lively place.

The link to the forum is here:

For not posting for so long…

August 26, 2008

Heya guys… I haven’t posted in ages and I have to say that I was and still am busy with my obligations in real life. So I won’t be posting for quite long but I promise to finish what I have set out to do. Definitely. This blog will become for alive from November onwards where I am the most free. Every year from August to mid November is hell to me. So please forgive me guys.

Visual Novels I’ve Started Playing

July 20, 2008

Heya guys, its me again. I am really a lazy piece of shit. I have tones of visual novels that I have yet to play and I started on quite a few this week… Hence, the Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o review will be pushed back with my other promised posting of my thoughts on the Lost Number and Riapsed Erised ~Lost Arcadia~ trial versions.

Onto the visual novels that I have started playing:

Name: Shuffle!

Original Title: SHUFFLE!

Release year: 2004

Developer: Navel

I’m sure you guys know of this game already. Its like one of the most famous and there an anime series for it too. I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time and i finally got my lazy butt up from the chair to get a hold of this game. So far I kinda find it enjoyable for the light and cheeful atmosphere it presents. Along with the humour between the devil god and the god god. Its a good game to play once in a while but i can’t seem to sit and play it for more than an hour. There’s not much tension between the characters and everyone of them are bright and cheerful which is a refreshing change from all the normal visual novels. I guess I kinda understand why it was popular.

Name: Scarred Gem – Jung Lyeung Suk-eu Goo-ae

Originial Title: 스카드 잼 – 정령석의 구애

Relase year: 2001

Developer: Artlim Media

I’ve just got this game so i haven’t played it yet. Its quite old but nevertheless it should be quite fun since its quite popular among the Korean speaking community. And the best thing is that, there are OVER 30 DIFFERENT ENDINGS for the plot depending on the girl you choose. I dunno how many girls there are exact but I think around 16 girls !!!! o.O

Name: Nocturnal Illusion

Release year: 1997

Developer: Excellents

Its really old. 11 years old. I just tried this game and its really really excellent. Although there are only 4 or 5 scores they are well implemented and fits in well with the atmosphere. And i particulary liked the eerie score that plays when you see something supernatural in the game. (you should play this game at 1am with all the lights off with the music at full volume just like me, its scary and exciting i tell you) The graphics are not too bad either considering that its 1997. The plot is good as well. This is one thing that i have been noticing but I find that a lot of the old games like Divi-Dead along with this have good, interesting plotlines. Man, this means that the quality of the writers are going down…. I’ve found an interesting Nocturnal Illusion fansite. But i warn you not to read any of the info there for the maximum enjoyment of this game.

Name: have relations with… 2 -しのぶ-

Year released: ?

Developer: ?

This is a damm short game where you basically have sex with your girlfriend. The plot is minimal. The good points about this game are the interactive sex scenes. Its interactive as in you can choose what action to do and that action leads to a new CG. For example, during sex, you choose the option “Take off her bra” and you move to a CG where her bra is taken off. And then you choose “group her breasts” and you move to that CG… The graphics and artwork are appealing and the only major downfall i see is that there is virtually no plot.

First post.

June 22, 2008

Heya guys! I opened up this blog to blog about and also to review visual novels that i have played so far so that you guys can read my reviews and know what you are getting yourself into before you start playing a certain novel. I can’t post on my blog too often since i have to complete at least one visual novel before i can even review them but please visit this blog occasionally!!!