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Trailers/Teasers/PVs for Upcoming Korean Anis

March 29, 2009

Well, I’ve uploaded some videos on youtube for your viewing pleasure.

Metal Fighter T-Boy’s PV

Ghost Messenger Teaser

Black Ball Trailer

Shin Gumiho

I’ve uploaded this video for you guys to watch even though its a dropped project… its a waste that the Korean animation industry constantly suffers from a lack of funds…

Audition Trailer 2


Upcoming Korean Ani Version 2.0

March 28, 2009

Okay this is it.Version two of the anis coming up.


I’ve included more of the anis that were announced since the last Version 1.o that I made and excluded some of the anis that I saw no progress

on ( Mad Monkey, Doggaebi Iyagi). But I may add them again in the future list if I see the projects are still ongoing.

I really think that there are many anis that will be worth waiting for in this list. Koreans anis are really on the rise! 🙂

My 3 most anticipated anis are such:

1. Black Ball

Its supposedly the first every ani TV series aimed at ‘Young Adults’ and it seems like it would contain badass gun action like hellsing (well… maybe not like hellsing but there will still be shooting right? :])

2. Sonjunghan Naleui Ggum

Well, it doesn’t contain any action and is set to finally debut in Korean cinemas this year. Think this is going to be a touching story of going through adolescence.

3. Princess Bari

If anyone of you knows the original folkstory this ani is based on, you can expect it to be touching. Bari is the 7th daughter of a king. But the king only wants a son and decides to abandone the 7th daughter. Bari is found by … forgot who and is raised by this person. When she grows up, she goes on to look for her parents but they are gravely ill as punishment by the heavens for abandoning their own child. The only way that she can save them is by going to the underworld to look for the water of life (was it the water of life?). So, does it interest you now? 😉

4. The other anis

Ghost messenger, Metal Fighter T-Boy’s, Contrabass, Gongsang So-nyeo Geuru, Gon, Goon Zu & Da Vinci Food

Upcoming Korean Anis

October 21, 2008

Well… my exams are finally over… and I finally have free time. I spent 1 whole day doing this so please do not steal it and take it as your own. I know I am getting further and further from my goal for this blog by putting up all these but oh well. There are actually quite a lot of upcoming Korean anis. (Ani=Korean animation, much like Anime=Japanese animation). Compared to that of Japan, the list is really small but this is a great improvement for the Korean ani scene. Hopefully the Korean ani scene can be revived after it suddenly collapsed during the 1990s or was it 1980s for unknow reasons.

Here’s the picture:

List of upcoming Korean anis

List of upcoming Korean anis

There quite a lot which I am looking forward to. I especially look forward to year 2009 and 2010 because the anis scheduled for that year are some of the more well-know ones like “Gon” and the TV version of “Yobi: The Five Tailed Fox”.  I also cannot forget “Metal FIghter T-boy’s”. The animation quality was really good and I’ll be looking forward to it.