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Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o Preview

June 22, 2008

Originial title: この青空に約束を

English title: The Promise I made over this Blue Sky

Korean title: 이 푸른 하늘에 약속을


You play as Hoshino Wataru, who lives in Tsugumi Dormitory with 6 other girls after the male dorm was closed down. The principal wishes to close down the dorm to build a resort hotel on the lot and wishes to chase Wataru out of the dorm so that the number of people in the dorm decreases. One day, a transfer student, Sawaki Rinna, enters the dorm and refuses to mingle with the rest of the dorm members and behaves disobediently.


Main heroines from left to right:

1. Akane

2. Fujimura Shizu

3. Rokujou Miyaho

4. Hayama Umi

5. Sawaki Rinna

6. Asakura Rinna

7. Kirishima Saeri

First Impressions:

I’m sure some of you guys have watched the anime and felt that it was not up to standard. But do not worry, the visual novel which the anime is based on is on a totally different level. I have not completed the game and have only managed to complete Asakura Naoko’s route.

Although i haven’t completed the game, i’m certain that this game is really enjoyable. The plot is interesting and heartwarming. Especially the individual interaction between the chracters. The music score is amazing and brings across the emotions to the players.

The game focuses more on romance than that of sex (which is why i really like this game). Hence, the storyline is deep and the characters well developed.

i’ll be sure to review this when i am done playing so watch out for my next post.