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Upcoming Korean Anis

October 21, 2008

Well… my exams are finally over… and I finally have free time. I spent 1 whole day doing this so please do not steal it and take it as your own. I know I am getting further and further from my goal for this blog by putting up all these but oh well. There are actually quite a lot of upcoming Korean anis. (Ani=Korean animation, much like Anime=Japanese animation). Compared to that of Japan, the list is really small but this is a great improvement for the Korean ani scene. Hopefully the Korean ani scene can be revived after it suddenly collapsed during the 1990s or was it 1980s for unknow reasons.

Here’s the picture:

List of upcoming Korean anis

List of upcoming Korean anis

There quite a lot which I am looking forward to. I especially look forward to year 2009 and 2010 because the anis scheduled for that year are some of the more well-know ones like “Gon” and the TV version of “Yobi: The Five Tailed Fox”.  I also cannot forget “Metal FIghter T-boy’s”. The animation quality was really good and I’ll be looking forward to it.